You have come to the right place for the finest private investigations in Delaware at the best rates.

Every attorney can occasionally use the services of a private investigator. Sometimes an attorney may only need an investigator to locate and serve legal documents on a person who is avoiding service. In other cases an attorney may retain a private investigator to photograph scenes, locate and interview witnesses, or do whatever is necessary to help the attorney present his or her strongest case.

I am a retired US Drug Enforcement Administration special agent and I am licensed and insured in Delaware and Pennsylvania as a private investigator. I live in nearby Southern Chester County, PA but prefer to work in Delaware because I am so familiar with the State and its people.

If you retain me, you may expect prompt and courteous service, a high level of integrity, excellent investigation, and reporting. My preference is to work with the finest attorneys as a team in order to provide the attorney’s client with the strongest case possible.

IMPORTANT: There are certain types of investigations I do not handle. I do not do criminal defense work in drug matters and child pornography and other child abuse cases. I do not handle domestic relations matters such as divorces, cheating spouses, non-support, etc. Please do not call about these matters.

Bill Glanz
Special Agent, US Drug Enforcement Admin. / Retired
Home/Office 610-593-8126
Cellular 302-354-2109
Email wglanz@epix.net